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Access great new features relating to confidentiality, scalability and compliance.

Today we’re excited to release our demo version of MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise for all MultiChain users to try. The demo can be downloaded now and freely deployed for application development and testing. It unlocks all the features in MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise and can be used for the first 3 months of each blockchain’s life.

MultiChain Enterprise is commercial software that provides all the functionality of MultiChain Community, plus high-end blockchain features relating to confidentiality, scalability and compliance. It is fully compatible with all Community API commands and parameters, and you can mix Community and Enterprise nodes on a single network.

What’s in MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise?

Below is a list of new features that are available in MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise:

  • Stream Read Restrictions. Enterprise nodes can use read-restricted streams, in order to publish and retrieve data that is only visible to nodes with the appropriate permissions. This is valuable in networks in which some information must be hidden from some participants.
  • Encrypted Data Delivery. Enterprise nodes can send and receive read-restricted data to each other using automatic encryption. Even if two enterprise nodes are not directly connected, this prevents intermediate nodes or routers from reading that data in transit.
  • Selective Stream Indexing. When subscribing to a stream, an Enterprise node can control exactly how that stream is indexed. The indexes for keys and publishers can be individually controlled, as can all indexes with local ordering. This improves performance and reduces disk usage for subscribing nodes.
  • Selective Data Retrieval. Enterprise nodes subscribed to a stream can control which specific off-chain items are retrieved from the network, instead of retrieving every item automatically. The items to retrieve can be specified by key and/or publisher, transaction, block or timestamp. This saves bandwidth and disk space.
  • Off-Chain Data Purging. Enterprise nodes can selectively delete off-chain data retrieved over the network from local storage. As with selective retrieval, the items to purge can be specified by key, publisher, transaction, block or timestamp. This enables compliance with right-to-be-forgotten regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

The technical documentation for these features can be found on the regular API commands and runtime parameters pages. Commands and parameters which are only available in MultiChain Enterprise are highlighted in yellow.

What’s next?

Over the coming years, we will be developing both the Community and Enterprise versions of MultiChain in parallel. Some high-end features will be available in MultiChain Enterprise only.

Our next big area for development in MultiChain Enterprise is the database bridge, which will allow a regular database to act as a real-time replica of the global blockchain state or the content of a stream. This feature will enable large scale data analysis to be performed more efficiently than by querying a node directly. It will be implemented in a database-independent way, allowing replication to any specific database via a small adapter. If the database bridge feature would be useful in a project you’re working on, please contact us and we’ll be happy to receive your input.

In the meantime, download MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise Demo and try out these great new features today!


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