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Get started by downloading the open source MultiChain 2.0 Community, or get a free trial of MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise with high-end blockchain features. MultiChain Enterprise is fully compatible with all Community API commands and parameters, and you can mix Community and Enterprise nodes on a single network. See below for a comparison:

Feature Benefit MultiChain 2.0


MultiChain 2.0


Smart Filters Programmability
Permissions Management Ease of Use
Unlimited Assets Ease of Use
Data Streams Data Management
Seamless Off-Chain Data Ease of Use
Private Key Flexibility Security
Stream Read Restrictions Confidentiality
End-to-End Encryption Confidentiality
Real-Time Data Feeds Data Management
Selective Stream Indexing Scalability
Selective Data Retrieval Scalability
Off-Chain Data Purging Compliance