Companies who are integrating MultiChain into their products

We are delighted that MultiChain is being integrated into the product offerings of many companies, whether they are startups or well-established enterprises. Below is a list of companies who are have requested to make this integration public. Please note that we do not explicitly endorse these companies or take responsibility for their products.

See also the separate list of platform partners who offer consulting services for the MultiChain platform.

Rakuten Blockchain Lab drives the promotion, experimentation and adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies across the Rakuten group. They build services that allow teams from the many diverse Rakuten companies to develop innovative solutions that leverage the benefits of blockchain without having to worry about the complexities of implementation.

Headquarters: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Aicumen Technologies focuses on value creation in the digital economy by leveraging blockchain, cognitive technologies and IoT. Aicumen is creating a proprietary platform that brings together these technologies in a powerful manner.

Headquarters: Princeton, NJ. Markets served: US, Europe, Asia.

AlleoChain is a revolutionary blockchain-as-a-service platform that empowers developers to launch and scale blockchain applications with speed by bridging the gap between traditional databases and blockchain.

Headquarters: Cyprus. Markets served: Global.

Apuana Corporate is the commercial brand name of a leading Italian manufacturer of marble goods. The company is using MultiChain together with a proprietary tracking system to enable end users to verify the provenance of raw materials and workmanship.

Headquarters: Carrara, Italy. Markets served: Global.

B4Finance is a regtech company offering AI and blockchain-based onboarding and KYC solutions for the wealth management and crypto industries.

Headquarters: Paris, France. Markets served: Europe.

Blockbinder from Chainfrog Oy is a middleware database connectivity product that uses MultiChain to traverse corporate low-trust boundaries and share data between existing databases and ERP systems. This enables a blockchain pilot to be deployed quickly, using legacy systems, without requiring blockchain expertise.

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland. Markets served: Global.

Chainstack is a multi-cloud and multi-protocol Platform as a Service that empowers businesses to rapidly build, deploy, and manage decentralized networks and services.

Headquarters: Singapore. Markets served: APAC, Europe.

Clicktopurchase is a platform for buying and selling property online, bringing buyers, bidders, sellers, agents and solicitors together. Events are recorded in a multi-node MultiChain blockchain with distributed nodes for transparency and certainty.

Headquarters: London. Markets served: UK and Ireland.

Cubichain Technologies are developers of blockchain technologies for the additive manufacturing industry.

Headquarters: Cypress, California. Markets served: USA and International.

Election Explorer is a permissioned blockchain voting platform that guarantees perfect vote counts, verifiable votes and instant reporting.

Headquarters: San Francisco. Markets served: Global.

Encrypgen are building the Gene-Chain, a private blockchain for sharing genomic metadata and data. They sell nodes to labs, research hospitals and companies having genomic storage and sharing needs.

Headquarters: Coral Springs, Florida. Markets served: US, Europe, Latin America.

Geoprise Technologies provides GM-X, a web application suite that combines proven blockchain technology with strong encryption for enterprise supply chain management, sales force automation, supplier relationship management and project and activity execution.

Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA. Markets served: Global.

HealthBlocks is a global health IT company with the vision of enabling universal healthcare. Their product suite enables efficient health records management for patients, doctors, hospitals and organizations.

Headquarters: Quezon City, Philippines. Markets served: South East Asia.

Jasper is a software development company providing blockchain products and services. Its offer includes a ready-to-use multi-asset mobile wallet, wallet middleware software and a blockchain explorer for MultiChain networks.

Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Markets served: Worldwide.

Medici Ventures advances blockchain technology through capital investment and software development in six fundamental areas: capital markets, money and banking, identity, land, voting and underlying technology.

Headquarters: Utah, USA. Markets served: Global.

NewBanking is developing an online tool to provide a simpler onboarding workflow for the financial sector and more. Their identity verification platform allows consumers to complete onboarding processes in a few clicks and provides full control and transparency over how personal data is used.

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark. Markets served: Global.

Rights Chain provides artists with a simple tool to mark the date of birth of their artworks in a verifiable way, using multiple digital signature technologies and a blockchain.

Headquarters: London. Markets served: Worldwide, primarily EEC.

Rymedi aims to revolutionize the way highly regulated life sciences industries operate by integrating blockchain protocols, artificial intelligence and deep industry experience.

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina. Markets served: Global.

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of business and technology transformation. SAP is committed to deliver real business value by providing easy access to blockchain technology, enabling their portfolio and help building new blockchain-based networks.

Headquarters: Walldorf, Germany. Markets served: Global.

Tagcash is an e-wallets and payments platform for fiat, cryptocurrences and private currencies.

Headquarters: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Markets served: Philippines.

Tilkal is a digital identity platform for physical products notarizing all supply chain events. With industry-centric permissioned blockchains and data at scale, we enable our customers to drive end-to-end transparency and detect illegitimate activities.

Headquarters: Paris, France. Markets served: Mostly European.

Vertdeep is a third-party data repository for positive impact generated from projects in forestry ecosystems. It leverages MultiChain to record signatures from responsible investors, positive impacts issuers and project auditors, in order to facilitate SFDR reporting.

Headquarters: Montlouis sue Loire, France. Markets served: Europe, Asia, Africa.

Wolfram Research is a powerhouse in technical innovation and has been defining the computational future for three decades as the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language. MultiChain is being integrated into the Wolfram Language and across the Wolfram family of products, enabling Wolfram Language users to write applications that make use of blockchain functionality.

Headquarters: Champaign, Illinois. Markets served: Global.

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