Coin Sciences is a leading blockchain technology company, managed by:

Dr Gideon Greenspan

CEO and Architect

Gideon started coding as a child and selling his software in high school. He conceived and built many successful websites, including Copyscape, the leading plagiarism search engine, and Web Sudoku, the most popular sudoku online. Gideon has a BA and PhD in Computer Science (Cambridge and Technion), an MA in Philosophy (London), and has taught university courses on software entrepreneurship.

Dr Michael Rozantsev

CTO and Internals

Michael has over 20 years of experience in networking, data compression, statistical analysis and performance optimization. He led the R&D for Edenbase, developing big data analysis tools, and founded WizardLink, to optimize network performance for Oracle. Michael has a BA in Applied Math from Moscow’s prestigious MIPT and a PhD in Math and Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute.

Avrom Gilbert

Strategic Advisor

Avrom has many years of management experience in fast growing companies, including serving as the COO of both SimilarWeb and Seeking Alpha. Prior to that he spent a number of years in both Venture Capital (working for Jerusalem Global Ventures) and the public equity markets (as an analyst for investment banks including UBS). Avrom has a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.


Zohar Gilon


Coin Sciences Ltd is a UK company, VAT registration GB245 6008 19.