Unlock the next level of confidentiality, scalability and compliance.

MultiChain Enterprise includes several high-end features required for enterprise blockchain applications, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with the open source Community version 2.0. See below for a full comparison:

Feature Benefit MultiChain 2.0
MultiChain 2.0
Integrated Permission Management Ease of Use
Unlimited Native Assets Ease of Use
Multiparty Atomic Swaps Ease of Use
Smart Filters Programmability
External Private Key Support Security
Multisignature Support Security
Unlimited Data Streams Data Management
— JSON, Unicode, Binary Data Management
— Seamless Off-Chain Data Ease of Use
Stream Write Restrictions Permissioning
Stream Read Restrictions Confidentiality
Encrypted Data Delivery Confidentiality
Off-Chain Data Purging Compliance
Selective Stream Indexing Scalability
Selective Data Retrieval Scalability

We’ve made the upgrade path to Enterprise really simple. MultiChain Enterprise is fully compatible with all Community API commands and parameters, and you are free to mix Community and Enterprise nodes on a single network.

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