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The next major version of MultiChain enters production

Today we’re thrilled to announce the production release of MultiChain 2.0, after 18 months of development and 3 months in beta testing. Version 2.0 of MultiChain is now available to download for Linux and Windows, and can also be compiled for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

MultiChain 2.0 adds smart filters for custom transaction or data validation rules, and a ton of enhancements for streams, including support for text and JSON data, multiple keys, off-chain data and richer querying. Other new features include blockchain parameter upgrading, per-asset and custom permissions, inline metadata and a binary cache for dealing with large pieces of data. Click for more details on all the new functionality.

For production systems based on MultiChain 2.0 we offer both Commercial Licenses (non-GPL) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). For more information about these products and guidelines for when they are appropriate, see the pricing page or contact us.

Consensus 2019

We’re delighted to be speaking and exhibiting at Consensus 2019, the biggest annual blockchain conference taking place in New York from May 13-15. If you would like to attend but don’t yet have a ticket, you can register with the promo code MultiChain300 to receive a $300 discount. And if you’re using or evaluating MultiChain for a project and would like to meet us there in person, be sure to reach out and we’ll set aside some time.

Running MultiChain in production?

Our talk at Consensus will cover a number of the most innovative blockchain networks in production on MultiChain, and will also be written up as a post on our blog. So if you’ve built or are running a live application on MultiChain, and would like it publicized to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and developers, please get in touch so we can find out more. To be clear, we’re specifically interested in projects that have moved beyond the proof-of-concept and pilot stages.

What’s next for MultiChain?

We’re already hard at work developing the Enterprise edition of MultiChain 2.0, which will include several high-end features required for enterprise applications, while maintaining full compatibility with the open source Community version 2.0. These features relate to confidentiality, scalability and regulatory requirements. More details will be released publicly in due course, but come to our booth at Consensus 2019 for a sneak preview!

Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our development team, led by Dr Michael Rozantsev, for their ongoing dedication and engineering excellence. Almost five years ago to the day, we founded this company on the hypothesis that blockchains, as a technology, have useful applications beyond cryptocurrencies. It’s remarkable to see how far our product, and the entire blockchain industry, have come.


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