MultiChain 2.1: Variables and Libraries

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Making Smart Filters a whole lot smarter Today, we’re delighted to release MultiChain 2.1, with two important new features for MultiChain developers. A year and a half ago, MultiChain 2.0 introduced Smart Filters, which enable custom logic to be embedded in a blockchain for validating transactions and data. Smart Filters are conceptually similar to the… Read more »

MultiChain Feeds for Database Integration

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Getting data out of the blockchain and into the wider world With the first public release of MultiChain, way back in 2015, we saw interest in blockchain applications from a surprising direction. While we had originally designed MultiChain to enable the issuance, transfer and custody of digital assets, an increasing number of users were interested… Read more »

SAP Pharma Case Study and Interview

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A deeper look at a leading enterprise blockchain project A few months ago, we published the details of ten enterprise blockchain networks which are built on MultiChain and running in live production. One of these solutions, made for the pharmaceutical industry, is of particular interest – not only because of its scale, but also because… Read more »

MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise Demo

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Access great new features relating to confidentiality, scalability and compliance. Today we’re excited to release our demo version of MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise for all MultiChain users to try. The demo can be downloaded now and freely deployed for application development and testing. It unlocks all the features in MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise and can be used… Read more »

MultiChain 2.0 and Consensus 2019

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The next major version of MultiChain enters production Today we’re thrilled to announce the production release of MultiChain 2.0, after 18 months of development and 3 months in beta testing. Version 2.0 of MultiChain is now available to download for Linux and Windows, and can also be compiled for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X…. Read more »

MultiChain 2.0 beta released

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Empowering a broad new range of blockchain applications Today we’re delighted to release the first beta version of MultiChain 2.0, the next generation of the MultiChain blockchain platform, after 16 months in development. MultiChain 2.0 (download) includes three major new areas of functionality to help developers rapidly build powerful blockchain applications: Smart Filters. These allow… Read more »

Smart contract showdown: Hyperledger Fabric vs MultiChain vs Ethereum vs Corda

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There’s more than one way to put code on a blockchain In most discussions about blockchains, it doesn’t take long for the notion of “smart contracts” to come up. In the popular imagination, smart contracts automate the execution of interparty interactions, without requiring a trusted intermediary. By expressing legal relationships in code rather than words,… Read more »

Scaling blockchains with off-chain data

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When a hash is worth a million words By now it’s clear that many blockchain use cases have nothing to do with financial transactions. Instead, the chain’s purpose is to enable the decentralized aggregation, ordering, timestamping and archiving of any type of information, including structured data, correspondence or documentation. The blockchain’s core value is enabling… Read more »

Second MultiChain 2.0 preview release

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Per-asset permissions, capacity upgrading and inline metadata Today we’re pleased to unveil the second preview release of MultiChain 2.0. This makes substantial progress on the MultiChain 2.0 roadmap, and includes an important extra feature relating to asset permissions.