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Watch a video of a half hour talk given at the CityChain17 conference in London this month, organized by MBN Solutions. Below is a list of the topics covered, with links to more in-depth information in brackets:

  • The basics of blockchains, compared to traditional messaging and centralized databases (more).
  • Dispelling some myths about how blockchains are different from, or better than, regular databases.
  • The key trade-off (disintermediation vs confidentiality) when considering using a blockchain (more).
  • An in-depth look at two proposed applications of blockchains, only one of which makes sense.
  • The four general categories of strong blockchain use cases that we know so far (more).
  • Platforms which call themselves “blockchains” but don’t fulfill the technology’s promise (more).
  • A brief description of the MultiChain open source blockchain platform (more).

I should also clarify that we’re not affiliated with IBM, but the conference was hosted at an IBM location.