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November 16, 2021 – Press Release

Coin Sciences Ltd is proud to announce the release of MultiChain 2.2, with integrated support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). MultiChain now offers a simple and rapid path for organizations looking to deploy NFTs in a permissioned blockchain environment.

MultiChain’s support for NFTs extends its existing multi-asset functionality, which has been available since version 1.0. Now, in MultiChain 2.2, assets can be made non-fungible, so that each of their units is separately named and tracked. Any number of these unique tokens can be issued, transacted and atomically swapped with other assets or NFTs in the blockchain. To enable digital art and collectibles, issued tokens can be directly associated with metadata, such as a JSON object, image or video up to 1GB in size. As a permissioned blockchain platform, MultiChain also offers customized control over who can create, send and receive NFTs.

Unlike most enterprise blockchain platforms, MultiChain’s NFT functionality is provided out-of-the-box without requiring custom programming. This makes it easy for organizations to build NFT applications without needing to write and audit smart contracts. For those users who do need more control, MultiChain Smart Filters allow custom rules to be defined for tokens, transactions and data, using the popular JavaScript language.

Version 2.2 of MultiChain also adds support for Explorer 2, a completely rewritten web-based blockchain browser which is faster and more scalable than the previous version. Explorer 2 is open source under the BSD license and available for download now. In addition, MultiChain 2.2 drastically improves the performance of large-scale data applications, in which thousands of pieces of information are published and queried per second.

MultiChain 2.2 is available for Linux and Windows at: It is available in two editions – Community (open source) and Enterprise (commercial). The Enterprise edition adds a number of features relating to confidentiality, scalability and compliance, such as read-restricted streams, end-to-end encryption, external database integration and purging of off-chain data.

“We were already building our trade asset management solution on MultiChain,” said Kieran Kelly, CTO of ubloquity. “With the addition of native NFT support, we’re excited to take this to the next level, allowing individual assets to be verified and tracked across the supply chain in an easy, sustainable and scalable way.”

“With MultiChain 2.2, we’re delighted to add extensive support for non-fungible tokens, empowering organizations to build NFT applications while retaining some governance and control,” said Dr Gideon Greenspan, CEO and Founder of Coin Sciences Ltd. “This capability was added in response to a large number of requests from our users, partners and customers. Our goal with MultiChain remains the same: to provide the most powerful, stable and easy-to-use platform for building permissioned blockchain solutions.”