Web Application on MultiChain

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Hi Team,

I'm developing an web application on top of MultiChain, I have few queries listed below,

  • Is there any possible or API to add new node to the chain, since it's a web application can't ask the user to use the same machine (if we are going to handle the user based on the IP address)
  • Other than getnewaddress,   is  there any possible to handle the mapping the user and the account
  • When we use getnewaddress  all the transactions will be stored on only one machine, then how the application will be a blockchain application, what if something happen to that machine
  • With MultiChain, through command line is the only option that we can do communication between the nodes?
 Can you please correct me if am wrong. Or suggest me the right/best practice.

Thanks in advance.




asked Jan 31, 2018 by shivap17

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To answer each question in turn:

Adding a node to the chain requires installing the software for that node somewhere, so it's not something that can be handled via the API.

You should use getnewaddress to create a new user account, but you can also use a stream (even the root stream) to provide extra information about each person. This is how the MultiChain Web Demo works.

All the transactions are stored on every node in the network. It's just that certain nodes only track the balances of certain addresses automatically. Any node can however do this for any address if it wishes using the importaddress command.

You can also communicate between the nodes using streams (publish/subscribe), although in this case note that all of the communication will become part of the blockchain.

answered Jan 31, 2018 by MultiChain