Road Map for creating an application using Multichain

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I am new to blockchains and want to create an audit log based on multichain. It will be highly appreciated if someone help me in writing a road map that I have to follow to build a complete application in multichain. Thanks

asked Sep 25, 2019 by haroonsaeed

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Hi haroonsaeed,

I'm building an application using MC and I followed these steps:

- mapping your business process or your rules 
- take technical decisions (i.e. decide if you want to centralize the private key or not, how to perform mining and so on)
- create a proof of concept. At the moment I'm developing using python and making rpc but there are a lot of possibile choices.
- create your network
-  test and deploy
According to my experience, the first two points are the critical ones and take a lot of time if you have no former experience.

answered Sep 25, 2019 by fabio