The requested URL /multichain-web-demo was not found on this server.

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I installed the Multichain web demo and am having trouble connecting. My Multichain explorer works fine. It's only the demo that I cannot connect to. I followed all the instructions on the page (,  but I'm getting the error listed above. 

First, I tried running the default.rpchost in config.txt as the local host ( but I still got the same error. (The rest of my configurations in config.txt are correct. I'm using the right rpcport, username, and password). Then, I changed the default.rpchost to the IP address to the server of my first node which is where I installed the Multichain web demo. I then stopped the Multichain server, went into the multichain.conf file and then added "rpcallowip=server's IP address" and then restarted the server & tried to run it again. I ended up with the same error. Not sure how to proceed and would appreciate any help! 

asked Jun 19, 2017 by anonymous
retagged Jun 19, 2017

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Most likely you didn't install the Web Demo under the directory name that you're trying to retrieve it under. Did you create a directory named multichain-web-demo in your web server's root serving directory, and then install all the Web Demo files inside that directory?

answered Jun 20, 2017 by MultiChain