Unresponsive MultiChain Explorer

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I started up a multichain explorer on a cloud linux vm running inside docker.  It syncs with the network successfully and seems to be fine for a period of time, but when left the node becomes unresponsive and so far the only way to get it handling requests again is to bounce it.

There are no errors in the docker logs and it seems to be running OK....looking inside the docker images provides:

root         1  0.0  0.0  20068  2904 ?        Ss   07:14   0:00 /bin/bash -x ./
root         7  0.8  1.2 1041412 45044 ?       SLsl 07:14   3:08 multichaind ene
root        25  0.0  0.5 126800 17708 ?        Sl   07:14   0:16 python -m Mce.a
root        46  0.3  0.0  20248  3248 pts/0    Ss   13:09   0:00 bash


Have you tested the explorer inside docker......do you know of any issues?

The base image is debian:jessie light.....




asked Dec 20, 2017 by marty
Is it the node which becomes unresponsive (including for calls from other places like multichain-cli) or just the Explorer which stops responding to web pages?
Just the explorer.....I can still use the cli to call the multichain node

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Thanks for the clarification. We're not aware of any Docker-specific issues.

Have you tried running two instances of the Explorer, one to serve web pages and the other to load data into the database? That might help with performance if this non-responsiveness is due to it taking a long time to process transactions from the node. This is explained at the end of the README:

answered Dec 21, 2017 by MultiChain
not yet.....If the problem persists I'll try running it outside of docker to rule that out.  The VMs I provisioned for the explorer are not under any real load and are running multiple chains (within docker)......I'll keep an eye on it and let you know!