Missing port in main section (Multichain-explorer-2) [closed]

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Hello, I recently tried setting the multichain-explorer-2, but i got an error missing port in main section. I do have the port option in the main section. Please help


# Who to accept connections from.
# You can only have one host entry in the config file otherwise the explorer will report an error.
# host=          # to accept connections from anybody (including localhost) e.g. production
# host=localhost        # to only accept connections from your local machine e.g. testing


# Port to serve web pages





# The host serving MultiChain RPC, including scheme (e.g. ""), default localhost ("")

closed with the note: my mistake in specifying the config file
asked Dec 3, 2021 by mikhatanu
closed Dec 6, 2021 by mikhatanu
Please email your whole .ini file to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com, along with all the information showing the command you ran and the output you received.
Alright my bad in this one. I wrongly specified my configuration file name (my config is conf.ini while i put config.ini in the command

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Turns out I mistyped my config file
answered Dec 6, 2021 by mikhatanu