has anyone modified multichain explorer to store data in mysql yet?

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before we do this ourselves, just wanted to check if anyone else has done this?

We want to store the same data in mysql, and then use our API to query for balances, transactions, UTXOs etc..faster than querying the chain...

Anyone else want to use this if we do it?
asked Nov 7, 2017 by mark

1 Answer

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We have developed many systems using multichain, and there was no need to store the core data like assets, balances and transactions etc in database. Querying these data is faster in chain too.. Consider database if you have to maintain other information. please ping me, i will happy be to talk through in detail.
answered Nov 7, 2017 by saravana
at the moment, one node cannot handle tens or hundreds of thousands of addresses so well, so how have you got around that issue?
After how many addresses did you face any issue? just curious. Was the issue for watch-only addresses as well?