Multichain Explorer doesn't work with latest version

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The explorer can't seem to successfully parse assets issuances and smart filters (directly from the example)

Related/Source of the problem:
asked Aug 6, 2019 by tloriato

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Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it. It would be helpful if you could provide a specific example of what you did because the Explorer has been tested against smart filters creation and approval, but we obviously missed some specific type of case.
answered Aug 6, 2019 by MultiChain
This occurred with me in two instances, the last one (where I'm more sure of what was going on):

I had downloaded the approve-asset-transfer.js example from the Github.

I then made a simple script in JS using multinodejs. I read the file using fs and transformed the Buffer to String (using String(x)) and published it normally.

The tx went through, I got the txid and I could see it confirmed in the node.

I'm sure it isn't specifically a problem with the Javascript side because it had happened before directly from the CLI.