I don't know how to issue (create) only native currency

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Following this thread, I have invoked issueFrom with name = "" and qty = 1, from my admin address. My intention was to issue a new coin of my native currency. However, the block holds a transaction for 1 asset named "" and no coins of my native currency:

Addresses holding units1 – jump to holders
Asset Issues1 – jump to issues
Raw units issued1
Display quantity1
Native amount sent0

So still I don't know how to create (issue) one coin of my native currency. Can you help me?

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asked Oct 25, 2016 by David

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For now I'm afraid you cannot explicitly create native currency units – the native currency is only generated by block rewards, as specified in the blockchain parameters:


But we're interested in why you would want to create native currency units?
answered Oct 26, 2016 by MultiChain
I'm developing a system in which new users are rewarded 1 coin in the signin process (I wanted to do this with issueFrom the admin address). It's a private blockchain with only permitted miners who don't get block rewards for mining.
So, what do you recommend? Forgetting native currency and use instead a native asset? Or could I create a big number of coins in the genesis, and then instead of issuing coins for new users, just sendFrom the admin address?
Either option is OK, but I think you'll find it cleaner to use an issued asset rather than the chain's currency, if there's nothing in your solution that requires that native currency.
Ok, thank you. I will use the asset approach.