Who will charge the fees of off-chain?

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We will setup a blockchain with  off-chain data and currency coin for a Storage service.

The blockchain-parameters are:




Our questions are:

1. We want normal transaction is free, but off-chain transactions need to pay.  The parameter 'minimum-relay-fee=0' is OK?

2.  There are two nodes, one is storage node and another is miner node.  I put 1Mb file as off-chain data one the storage node ,and pay 1000 * minimum-offchain-fee = 100 currency coins. Who will charge the 100 currency coins ? the storage node or the miner node?





asked Aug 24, 2020 by allainzhang

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1. Yes, though be aware that this allows transaction spam at no charge. You might want to make some small minimum fee for the transaction itself.

2. All fees are collected by miners.
answered Aug 24, 2020 by MultiChain

 "All fees are collected by miners" , Will there be incentive problems?

The storage node who has invested a lot of equipment, can not collect fees related to off chain。
There is no "proof of storage" mechanism built in to MultiChain – you would have to build this in an application layer on top.