transaction fees using asset instead of native currency

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In creating a platform for others to create and use tokens, I want to stop spamming or adding too much data to transactions. A little like Waves or NXT I guess. I could do that with native currency which would be sold to nodes who want to transact with their tokens, but once issued I am stuck. I think it better to wait for transaction filters to be implemented where rules for transacting tokens can be set according to each token, or across all tokens on the chain. Am I right? or am I missing something that we won't be able to do?
asked Sep 28, 2017 by mark

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In general for now the solution to spam in an open network is transaction fees in the native blockchain currency. Of course once transaction filters are implemented you have access to many other methods, but you may still have the issue that someone can generate millions of individually valid transactions, and fill up the blockchain. That's why it makes conceptual sense that they actually need to spend something limited, per transaction.
answered Sep 28, 2017 by MultiChain
So, you are saying I should add native currency to stop spamming? I was really hoping I could use a token as the transaction fee, so iI could move it easily (by burn and issue) between the different chains we are running
In MultiChain as currently implemented, only the native currency can be used for transaction fees, because any issued asset has to balance exactly between a transaction's inputs and outputs. Anything, of course, is possible if the MultiChain source code is modified.