transaction fee native currency varies

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I upgraded multichain to 1.0.1 and created  a test chain with some native currency issued - the params on that section are as follows:

"first-block-reward" : 10000000000000000,
"initial-block-reward" : 0,
"reward-halving-interval" : 52560000,
"reward-spendable-delay" : 1,
"minimum-per-output" : 100000000,
"maximum-per-output" : 10000000000000000,
"minimum-relay-fee" : 1000000,
"native-currency-multiple" : 100000000,

Fees are slightly different for each transaction:

I issued an asset and that was a fee of 0.00497
sent asset to another node - 0.00404
to send native currency to another node - 0.00226
from the other node to send asset back to first node - 0.00403

How to get the fee to 0.001 for anything less than 1kb transactions - params not correct?
asked Sep 29, 2017 by mark
It seems transaction fee is not being enforced, even though i have updated to 1.0.1?..or am I still missing something?

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We've updated the online documentation to reflect the situation more accurately. The minimum-relay-fee determines the transaction fee per kilobyte pro-rata, and there is actually no logic of "per kilobyte or part thereof".

The parameters you're using suggest a fee of 0.01 per kilobyte (minimum-relay-fee divided by native-currency-multiple), and this means the fees you posted for individual transactions make sense.

answered Oct 4, 2017 by MultiChain