sendasset sending extra native currency

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Trying to get my head around this..still learning..:)

On a chain with native currency, and an asset called PLAY, I am using sendassetfrom to send from one address to another, the transaction fee is 0.00046804 which is fine, but it is sending 1 unit of native currency as well to the other address

sendassetfrom 1YFefgToCGXZP4F2LDbbc89YaX5st6rB96hKAM 1GNYbpwXJuLnQZ8ophyyjJNe7xLo3nUxN9efLT PLAY 10

The transaction goes through, but so does 1 unit of the native currency + the transaction fee 0f 0.00046804

"amount" : -1.00000000,
  "fee" : -0.00046804

On the other address the native currency has increased 1 unit. I can add a fee of say 0.001 onto the end of "PLAY 10" and this goes through instead of 1 unit

Can you explain what is happening?
asked Oct 2, 2017 by mark
edited Oct 2, 2017 by mark

1 Answer

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Answered my own question, just in case anyone has same issue...I had minimum-per-output set to -1 at one stage, and other time had it set to 1000000. Now set to 0 and sorted...
answered Oct 2, 2017 by mark