How to speed up block chain synchronization?

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We are running a multichain with about 742432 blocks.

When we build a new node, it takes more than 3 day to synchronize.

How to speed up?
asked May 29, 2018 by allainzhang2018

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You can do the following:

1. Start new node normally, grant permissions, start synchronizing

2. Stop node

3. Remove blocks directory

4. Copy blocks directory from the source node (you should stop the source node first)

5. Start new node with -reindex=1

This way you can skip downloading blocks via network.
answered May 30, 2018 by Michael
Thanks Michael

We tried your way, but it didn't work.

We did the following:

1. Start a new node;

2. Stop the node;

3. Remove the chain directory;

4. Copy the full directory from the source node (the source node was stopped)

5. Remove the wallet directry and wallet file;

6. Restart new node with rescan=1

Who can explain the difference?
Did it work for you?

Yes, it is also an option. In this case you only rescan existing node database for wallet transactions. But you have to back up wallet.dat and multichain.conf before 3 and restore them before 6.
The only problem with this approach - in the future versions of MultiChain, you may be required to remove more directories in 5.  So, you have to check your procedure with every MultiChain upgrade.
The approach I published before should work with all versions of MultiChain (though it takes more time)