How to increase the synchronisation speed ?

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We have a business case where we have to frequently write and query multichain streams. To improve the performance, we are writing to a primary node and querying to a secondary node of blockchain network.


But the problem is that when primary node is writing, sync speed is almost 1 block per minute. And when primary node is idle it's still 3 blocks per minute. Sometimes it takes weeks for secondary node to catch up which is not idle for our business case where customers can query the data within 2-3 days of writing.

Our customers are little unhappy with this situation. Please suggest, is there is any solution to increase the speed of syncing or if there is any other solution to this problem.


Our blockchain has around 4,00,000 blocks currently.
asked Oct 1, 2020 by Mohit

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Yes, it does take time to process all of the blocks in a blockchain for a new node.

First we recommend you take a look at the general tips for performance optimization here:

Second, have you considered creating a full duplicate of the primary node in order to get the secondary up and running quickly, instead of rescanning the entire blockchain? See the 'Full state backup and restore' details here:

Third, there are two features in MultiChain Enterprise that may help you:

  1. Selective stream subscriptions, which gives you more control over how streams are indexed and can reduce indexing time substantially.
  2. Integration with external databases, which will likely be more efficient for indexing and querying than MultiChain's built-in stream functionality, since you can choose the database that is best suited for your use case.
answered Oct 1, 2020 by MultiChain