How can one increase the synchronization speed

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We have a business case where we have to frequently write and query multichain streams. To improve the performance, we are writing to a primary node and querying to a secondary node of blockchain network.
But the problem is that when primary node is writing, sync speed is almost 1 block per minute. And when primary node is idle it's still 3 blocks per minute. Sometimes it takes weeks for secondary node to catch up which is not idle for our business case where customers can query the data within 2-3 days of writing.

asked Dec 9, 2022 by bamo8

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In general, syncing should be close to instantaneous unless the node are heavily overloaded. It sounds like you could be writing a very large amount of data. Are you running on the latest version (2.3.1) which contains recent optimizations?
answered Dec 9, 2022 by MultiChain