Informations about how to proceed to start a private block chain.

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I would like to take some informations about how can I start my project with multi chain.

What I need:

A private asset, that I can send and receive between my customers and suppliers.

What I have:

2 nodes, 1 chain (tatachain), 1 asset (tatacoin), 1000 (unities tatacoin)

Now I need to have unless one wallet address for each customer to start transactions between them.

How can I proceed ?


Targino Castelo Branco
asked Apr 16, 2017 by targino.silveira

1 Answer

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Are you using Multi Chain Web demo for wallet? Each client has to have their own wallet(folder), make sure you store chain configuration files somewhere outside the web directory. For wallets to transact, they have to be on same node. Also check this:
answered Apr 17, 2017 by makoya
Thanks @makoya,

I will configure Web demo to try wallet today and give you a feedback.