Building consent application on blockchain

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I would like to build an application to store consent made by client eg. marketing email consent etc. I would like to use assets as consent could be revoked. The only issue I am thinking about is how to track changes in the text of consent - is asset metadata a good idea? For instance I would issue an asset with consent text in metadata and if I would like to change the text of consent I would update asset metadata? Does it makes sense?

BTW congrats on great project!


asked May 24, 2018 by Robert

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We would recommend using streams for this, rather than assets, since consent is not something that is explicitly owned, in the sense that if one person receives it, someone has to lose it.

If you use the same stream item key for the creation and revocation of a consent, of course with different payloads, you should be able to do what you need.
answered May 24, 2018 by MultiChain