How to do a modular development on multichain for end user

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Hi, I am following multichain from quite some time. Now , I am planning to develop/design one application based on it. I understand that

1) There can be multiple nodes doing transactions in a permissioned/private blockchain

2) Each node can have a UI developed on any technology , which can act as a  wallet to  publish/receive transaction or a block explorer to search transactions

3) Authentication/Authorisation on this UI  has to build locally to control access and action

Is there a way I can setup these things  quickly for any newly connected node ? Or any thought on  how should I go about this ?



asked Sep 12, 2018 by Amar

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I recommend you to just try it out. :)

Begin with - there you learn how to interact with Multichain via CLI. Then have a look at the JSON-RPC API ( and get into what is possible. Finally you can set up a Multichain-Web-Demo for a quick and simple UI (besides the CLI):

The setup for a newly connected node is quite self-descriptive. If you connect a new node the program tells you wich address you have to grant connect permissions.


answered Sep 14, 2018 by zolar
What @zolar said :)