how do I override some feature (txn processing) in multichain

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I have a requirement where I want core feature of multichain to behave a bit differently. ie

1) If one node pushes transaction(some kind of information), It should go to a particular node for approval.If approved, txn should be added in blockchain

2) the node which approves txn, should be rewarded

How can I achieve this in multichain latest version ? If not then possibly what are other options you would like to recommend ?


asked Sep 1, 2018 by AMAR

1 Answer

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MultiChain doesn't currently support this functionality built-in, but you may be able to set it up using Smart Filters, which will shortly appear in the next MultiChain 2.0 preview release. Essentially, the transaction would be built requiring a signature from the appropriate node, who would only sign it if (a) they approve it and (b) they receive the appropriate reward. Then you would use a Smart Filter to only accept transactions which have been approved by one of the set of approvers.
answered Sep 3, 2018 by MultiChain