Issue an asset but allow anyone to reissue it.

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Is this possible?
asked May 1, 2018 by codegreen

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There is no "anyone can reissue" option for an asset. But there's a workaround here – before creating the asset, the issuer creates a new address, and makes the private key of that address known to everyone by putting it into the asset metadata. Then after creating the asset it grants issue permissions for that asset to that new address. Now anyone on the chain can add that address (via its private key) to their wallet, and issue more units of the asset as well.

Still I have to wonder why you would do this. Can you explain the use case?

answered May 3, 2018 by MultiChain
selected May 4, 2018 by codegreen
Actually we’re adapting the source so that mining rewards can be payed out in an asset so I wanted to know if there was somewhere in the codebase a way to have a completely open asset. I know you don’t do source code questions but is there a reason an asset issuance has to be signed? Can that just be removed in the source?
It will be somewhere under AcceptMultiChainTransaction()
The payouts or signing an issuance?
Any rule for verifying transactions.
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Those that have access to the wallet can sendasset.
answered May 3, 2018 by MaSsv
im asking about issuemore not sendasset