Limit an address' options of sending an asset (X is allowed to send Y and only Y)

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Is it possible to limit an address in its sending permission?

I currently have a node which acts as sort of a warehouse. It holds 21 addresses (of which 20 users). At the end of the week, it needs to send goods from some, or all, of these addresses to the next party in the shipping network.

But The problem is that you need to give the used addresses the "send" permission. This gives the address the permission to send the asset to wherever they want to (as long as the receiving party has the receive permission) , right?

Is there a solution for this?
asked Sep 22, 2017 by Rachelle

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I'm afraid that in the current version of MultiChain it is not possible to define a rule like "address A can only send to address B". Look out for the transaction filter functionality coming in MultiChain 2.0 to support these kinds of rules:
answered Sep 22, 2017 by MultiChain