How to set the field 'open' to 'true' while creating an asset?

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I am running MultiChain on windows and trying to create an asset 'INR' by setting the parameter 'open' to 'true'.

  multichain-cli ninja issue 18pGtryZJPVWTzYN6e4yPKxWWPDMuaS6rHcftN            '{"name":"INR","open":true}' 100 0.01

 Unfortunately this is how the created asset looks when I list it. 

        "name" : "{name:INR,open:true}",
        "issuetxid" : "5139ad2e054d8094736bd5c0f6d2c85a03d39424aabed6b4a3683b34613b3746",
        "assetref" : null,
        "multiple" : 100,
        "units" : 0.01000000,
        "open" : false,
        "details" : {
        "issueqty" : 100.00000000,
        "issueraw" : 10000,
        "subscribed" : false

What is it that I am doing wrong? Why is 'open' not listed as another data property? Unable to issue more of INR due to this. Any help is appreciated. 


asked Jan 22, 2017 by Sharath Chandra

1 Answer

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Please see the top of the README.txt file that comes with the Windows download to see how to change the instructions given on the website (which are for Linux) to work with Windows. Windows uses a different method of 'escaping' command-line parameters to Linux. In your example you would do:

multichain-cli ninja issue 18pGtryZJPVWTzYN6e4yPKxWWPDMuaS6rHcftN "{\"name\":\"INR\",\"open\":true}" 100 0.01


answered Jan 23, 2017 by MultiChain
Perfect! This works! Thank you.