Seeder for the network

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I want to set up a DNS seed for my multichain network, since I don't want to specify the IP to which a new node should connect every time I spin up a new node.

Do I have to use a seeder like to be running on my DNS server or?
I know it's not a Multichain-related question, but I could use any help/tutorial link/hint that you could provide! 


P.S. I'm doing my thesis using Multichain, so you will be helping a student in need! :)

asked Apr 25, 2018 by milkncookiez

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If your IP addresses are not changing regularly, you can just set up a regular static DNS entry for an appropriate IP address, and use that in the node address for connecting, instead of the IP address.

Otherwise you will indeed need some kind of seeder software that crawls the network and keeps up-to-date the latest set of node IP addresses. Something built for bitcoin should work with MultiChain with only minor modifications.
answered Apr 26, 2018 by MultiChain
I want to be able to spin up and kill nodes on demand. And since the node takes an available IP on the host, I guess I will need a crawler...