DNS seed available ?

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Is there such a thing as "dns seeder" for Multichain ? It should be useful to quickly bootstrap a full node (shiffed together with a genesis block ?) & absolutely necessary to run an android SPV wallet ?
asked Jan 16, 2018 by albabosh

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You can easily set up and DNS seed for a MultiChain blockchain. Just point the appropriate domain name to the IP address of a node, then use the domain name inside the node address for first connecting.

For example if the node address is: chain2@

Then set up a DNS entry and follows: myseed.mydomain.net ->

And then new nodes can connect to the chain thus:

multichaind chain2@myseed.mydomain.net:9090 -daemon

answered Jan 17, 2018 by MultiChain
This is not really what I wanted to ask. I want to start downloading blockchain without pointing a particular node. Bitcoin doc says "For the case where you have no previous known IPs or they aren't usable, the primary fallback method is by DNS seeds. Several host names (such as dnsseed.bluematt.me) are maintained that resolve to a list of IP addresses known to be running nodes."
I wonder if it is possible to put "seeder.myprivatemultichain.com" host into a genesis block and then use this https://github.com/sipa/bitcoin-seeder thing as a tracker ?
The problem is that when a new node comes online, it needs to be told where at least one other node can be found, in order to start connecting to the network and discovering peers. It's exactly the same in bitcoin. When a node first starts up it doesn't even have the genesis block.