multichain connecting seed node issue.

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Hii there

I am new to multichain as I am able to connect second node through the same system but when i am trying to connect it through another system I get an error

"Couldn't connect to the seed node id: on port *** -please check multichain is running at the same address and that your firewall settings allow the incoming connection."

I have opened the port in both the systems. closed the firewall too.but then also I am getting the same issue.

please if anyone can help on this.

asked Feb 17, 2020 by Gaurav

1 Answer

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Usually this is a firewall problem. Another common issue is that the IP address for the first node, which is used when connecting from the second node, is not actually accessible from the second node. Often a server has multiple IP address, and some of those are only accessible from certain networks.
answered Feb 18, 2020 by MultiChain