Coudn't connect to the seed node

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Dear Team,

This is Mandar.

I have installed multichain on 2 different computers, First is Windows machine and the other is Windows VM (installed on mac book).

When I try to connect from 2nd server to the 1st, i get an error saying couldn't connect to seed node.

I have added exception in Firewall on both machines, so that 'multichaind' commands can be executed.

Please assist to resolve this.




asked Apr 13, 2017 by Mandar

1 Answer

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These are responses for similar issues in the past, please check again your network and ports for outgoing and incoming traffic..

1.  The issue is most likely that your node is behind an Internet router, so incoming connections don't come directly to your computer. If so the solution is to configure port forwarding on your router.


2. You can also try connecting via telnet to the appropriate IP address and port, to see if it's open and receiving incoming connection

answered Apr 14, 2017 by saravana