Error: Couldn't connect to the seed node on port 2787

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Hi Multichain,

I am getting the same problem again and again although I tried all solutions provided in previous questions. I am having no problem running and connecting two nodes on same computer(In different directories and on different ports) but on running two nodes on different computer is giving a error message. Please tell me where can I send debug.log file so that you can resolve my problem.

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asked Sep 19, 2017 by Tarun
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This sounds like you need to modify who can access the port - the IP you gave looks like it is a private address, so if your other machines are on the same subnet you should be able to access..otherwise you need to check port access on that machine.
answered Sep 20, 2017 by mark
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Hi Mark,
This node is running on my Ubuntu PC. However, I already added the port exception on my machine. I checked the ports on my machine and found that given port is listening ({local address},*{foregin address}).

I also tried connecting my PC to another internet connection but I am still getting the error.
Please help me out.

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Tarun Mahawar
if you want, can share the connection and I will see if I can connect...if it is open for all, then I should be able to connect, if not then I will get refused and you will know. If you are behind a router, you will need to open it up via port forwarding and let me know the public address... or perhaps check if ports are open -
I checked the port using netstat, Port is listening.
I also tried to creating a new chain on different internet connection. Its not working anyway.
my new Chain@Ip:Port are      multichaind chain1@