Unable to connect 2nd Node

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Hi Guys,

I have 1 seed node up with chain1, I triggered the Command to initiate 2nd node from another server.It initiatilizes and ask for permission.

I gave the permission using GRANT on first Server.Again I went back to 2nd Server and called multichaind chain1.  It again asks for the Permission and does not connect.

Can you guys help me move forward.


asked May 15, 2017 by anonymous
have you found the solution, I'm also facing the problem for two days i can't fix it.

1 Answer

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It sounds like you did everything right, but maybe some mistake was made along the way. Could you please post a full transscript of the commands entered on each server, and the responses you received?
answered May 15, 2017 by MultiChain
I am also facing the same problem !

That is what i have done but after granting the permission from the 1st node, when i run the block chain using the command "multichaind chainName -daemon", even the second server starts running and gets initialized and was retrieving parameters but after few seconds it again showed a message to grant permission and the server terminated. Why does this happen ?
I tried giving permission 3-4 times but the same thing happens the second node terminates