new address and their transaction not visible

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Hi multichain team,

Before today I have create multiple address in my wallet using getnewaddress and make transactions successfully. I can see all those addresses and their transaction in wallet.But Today when I create new address that address created successfully but not showing in wallet addresses list  I transfer some asset quantity to that address transfer successful but still i can not see that address in my wallet and when I listaddresstransactions nothing shows.getmultibalances  shows 0 for that address.  What was the issue. please guid me as soon as possible.
asked Apr 18, 2018 by sufyan ahmad

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Are you saying that you called getnewaddress on a particular node, and on that same node, the address was not added to the output of listaddresses and you don't see its balance in getmultibalances? That would be quite surprising, but if you're sure, then it's a bug, and we'll will need to guide you to provide us with information to debug it.

answered Apr 19, 2018 by MultiChain
Yes Its surprising for me too and I am sure.Now its working fine for new addresses but there are three addresses which are added a week ago. I can transfer asset to those addresses but when i check balance on that address nothing coming just empty [].I don't know what is wrong with those addresses. These three addresses are coming in transactions of sender address. How we can debug it and which information you need to debug it Please.
The solution is to stop MultiChain then restart it with the -rescan option. This will re-scan the blockchain for transactions relating to these addresses.

But there's still the question of what caused this. To send us debug information, please stop the note, then create a .zip file of the full blockchain directory, and email it to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com. Thanks!