Transfer all metadata (Assets, Subscribtions, Rights, ...) of an old address to a new one automatically.

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is it possible, when creating a new address, to transfer all rights, assets, streams, subscriptions,... stored on the old address to the new address and to block the old address? Or do I have to manually transfer all assets and subscriptions and the administrator(s) have to assign new rights and withdraw the old rights?
The idea behind this is that there is only one active address per node that could be changed regularly with a new address to ensure maximum anonymity?

- Can you please explain what is the point of having many different addresses with different rights on a single node instead of only a single address per node?

Thank you!

asked Nov 26, 2019 by JoToTheHannes

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First, some things in a node are not address specific, e.g. stream subscriptions. These are just global properties of the node (well, unless you're using read-permissioned streams in MultiChain Enterprise).

Second, you should know that this kind of mass transfer of assets and permissions from one address to another would not help with anonymity, because anyone looking at the blockchain can make the connection between the old address and new address. So I"m afraid it would not help solve your problem.

The reason to allow multiple addresses per node is that there are many cases where a node is managing things on behalf of multiple users, each of which is using a different address.

So I'm afraid there is no built-in mechanism like what you are suggesting - sorry about that.
answered Nov 28, 2019 by MultiChain