How to use Multichain's one wallet for multiple addresses

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Disclaimer: I run a small network (3-5 nodes) and want to use it for data-only purposes. My current idea is to create a stream per entity and then just chain transactions related to an entity in their corresponding stream.

A few questions:

1. As I understand, Multichain provides one default wallet which has an address per each node, and doesn't provide multiple wallets functionality. So, if I want to have multiple wallets, then I need to have some kind of a wallet-supporting app on the frontend and then under the hood connect each wallet to an address in my Multichain network?

2. But when I create a new address with getnewaddress it is only present in the node on which I created it, and is not being shared. What is the use case here? I am a bit confused.

3. If I want to have different streams per user (system user on the business side, but not RPC API user), then does it make sense to simulate a "user" as an address? But then, since the addresses are not shared among the network... should I just stick to "a stream per user"?

asked May 23, 2018 by milkncookiez

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Each node has its own separate wallet, which contains private keys (and other things). There is no such thing as a global network-wide wallet.

In general, from the network perspective, it's best to represent users with different addresses. But note that (for now) any user who has access to the JSON-RPC API of a node can send messages on behalf of any address for which the node has the private key.
answered May 24, 2018 by MultiChain