Best option to store user confidential Info ?

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Hi Multichain Team,

what is the best way to store users confidential info in multichiain. Actully I want to register users info like email, password etc then verify user to login into the application. Then those users can add there addresses and make transactions on those addresses.  

Option one is Streams for Users and user addresses (user can have one or more addresses). Is streams data confidential if other nodes not subscribed.

Multiple chains to store this data or any thing which is best to store users confidential info in blockchain.


asked Mar 21, 2018 by sufyan ahmad

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In the current version of MultiChain, stream data is not confidential. So you would need to encrypt this data before embedding it in the chain, then ensure that only certain parties have the decryption key.

Out of curiosity: Can you please explain why you are putting this information on a blockchain instead of a regular centralized database?
answered Mar 21, 2018 by MultiChain
Because I don't want to use any centralized database. Instead of database should i use another chain which store users confidential info and only central server can access right on this chain as in database.
If this is the case, simply encrypt the information before storing it on the blockchain, then the nodes themselves won't be able to read that information.