Best way to store 20GB files on multichain?

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I am working on a use-case where we we intend to compress and store files (average size is 20GB each) onto the multichain blockchain.

I have read that I need to split this up into smaller transactions of 64mb each (that is the max transaction size for streams).

I have also heard that putting large files like this onto multichain, and then later retrieving them will cause multichain to crash.  Is this true?


- What is the best way to store multiple 20gb
files on the blockchain/

- Will putting large files on the blockchain, and then later retrieveing them cause the multichain to crash?


asked Sep 14, 2017 by jward01

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First, yes, you need to split the files into chunks and them embed each chunk in a separate stream item.

Second, there's no reason at all why this will crash MultiChain, and it's been designed to handle large pieces of data efficiently.

Finally, bear in mind the total storage requirements that will result from the data you are putting on the chain, and ensure that each node has enough disk space for that.
answered Sep 14, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 21, 2017 by jward01