Permissioned access to stream data.

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So I'm developing an application where the user has to grant access to anyone who wants to view/add-to his profile, the user has his own stream and each characteristic of the user is pointed to by a certain key value (example key1 is the key pointing to his name). Is there a way to add a layer that enables the user to grant permission to another user to access/add to a particular key value?
asked Mar 26, 2017 by anonymous

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Yes, the creator of the stream can grant per-stream activate permissions to a user, and this allows that user to grant per-stream write permissions to other users. The creator of the stream can also grant per-stream write permissions directly, or grant per-stream admin permissions to other users to give them the same rights as the creator. The regular grant APIs can be used, with the permission specific using (e.g.) stream1.activate

answered Mar 26, 2017 by MultiChain