Whether anyone attached to a chain can create a stream

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I had following doubts on multichain:
1. As part of my experimentation with multichain, i wanted to create a multichain where each user(one node running multichain) has ownership of one Stream, eg. Stream1 owned by user-1 and Stream-2 owned by user-2.
He should be able to add and delete permission to the other users in the network.

Can i do this at stream level in multichain?

What i understood is that once somebody creates a new chain in multichain, he creates genesis block, he only can handle the permission rights like creating a stream , adding someone to subscribe to the stream, etc.

Does this mean that, if i want such segregation of permission rights, user-1 has to create chain-2, user-2 has to create chain-2, etc.
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asked Apr 2, 2017 by sanu

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You can absolutely do this - either have each user create their own stream (in which case they start automatically with admin rights on that stream). Or have one party create the streams and then assign permissions as appropriate. MultiChain is specifically designed to make there sorts of things possible!
answered Apr 3, 2017 by MultiChain