Anyone can connect/send/receive chain still requires transaction to enable

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At the moment if I set up a chain with parameters allowing anyone to connect (and send and receive), if someone joins, their address can't participate until it receives a transaction (which can be send <new address> someasset 0). I understand why this is (you need UTXO associated with the new address).

I was hoping to use an anyone can connect chain to avoid new participants having to request access from a chain admin, but this "feature" of multichain/bitcoin means that there still effectively needs to be a transaction to enable the new participant.

Does anyone know of a hack to get around this, or could MultiChain be altered to artificially and automatically send a zero transaction to a new participant, so that anyone can join without requiring admin or third-party intervention?

asked Oct 16, 2018 by kf106

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It's a good idea for a feature - a way for one node to say to another (in a p2p message) that they need a UTXO for a particular address, causing the other node to send a zero transasction to that address. But this is not currently available. Also, have you considered the potential implications for this in terms of spam?
answered Oct 17, 2018 by MultiChain
I have indeed considered the spam issue. There is a prior gateway to prevent it - signing up for an account on a local website that needs approval. But after that I would like users to be able to create an address and use the blockchain without requiring a second approval. The current workaround uses a RESTful URL GET from the client which is automatically approved, but it would be nicer to do it through the blockchain.