Why do I have problems to create issue from a new node connect althoug I put true in anyone-can-issue?

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At first I modify the file params.dat and I start the new chain by first time. I connect a new node to the chain but when that node tries to issue a new asset it can not do it and the error is an internal server error but if I give permissions through the command "grant" and the new node executes the same command it can create the new asset.
asked May 20, 2016 by JaimeM
I'm having the same problem. The nodes in my network have anyone can send,receive,connect, and issue all set to true. If create an Open Asset on Node A, I cannot issue more of that asset in Node B, all in the same network.
Even if anyone-can-issue=true, once an asset is issued, only the original issuer can create more units of it. But you can use per-asset permissions to change who has permission to do this. Please see this tutorial for an example: http://www.multichain.com/developers/asset-reissuance/

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Does the new node have an address with send permissions? That is required for creating any transaction including an issuance, even if the blockchain has anyone-can-issue=true.

answered May 20, 2016 by MultiChain