Error: HTTP 0 on my local server

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how can I solve  Error: HTTP 0  on my local Different-2. it is running on local machine.

my config.txt  looking like that.


default.rpchost=            # IP address of MultiChain node
default.rpcport=4782                  # usually default-rpc-port from params.dat
default.rpcuser=multichainrpc          # username for RPC from multichain.conf
default.rpcpassword=3xD5RuCuzu7ySMcwcp1nD7e9ddRf3oe7sFYwbsBTEtVg                   # password for RPC from multichain.conf

its running only  system.

how can i run it for another server
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asked Dec 27, 2017 by arp

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The problem is usually that the other node is not accepting incoming API connections which are not local. Please search this forum for rpcallowip for more information.

answered Dec 27, 2017 by MultiChain
but there is nothing so can you help me more
If there is a node running on one computer, and you are trying to access its API from another computer, by default it will not work for security reasons. You need to use the rpcallowip setting on the node to allow the API connections. More here: