Web Demo Issued Assets: "error":null,"id":1533947501}

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I get an unformatted Issued Assets output with a null error for the file, when I have uploaded a file during the asset creation.

The last line of the output of the asset details: "error":null,"id":1533947501}

Has anyone else faced this while using the Web Demo?
asked Aug 10, 2018 by Michael
Can you please uncomment the <PRE> lines in the functions.php file, then the JSON-RPC requests and responses shown in the browser.

1 Answer

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if you are referring to webdemo, I encountered a very simple error but it hindered the connection, at line 61 of index.php, replace "<?" by "<? php" looks silly but solves it.
answered Feb 17, 2019 by suscitar
Thanks, we fixed a few of these "short open tags" now, which were introduced a few days in the update to the Web Demo that supports Smart Filters. Some PHP configurations choke on them.