Can we are able to change network-port and rpc port in multichain, after chain started once.

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I want to change network-port and rpc port multiple times, after chain started once. Can i am able to change it?If yes, then how can i able to change it.
asked Nov 29, 2017 by soumyak
Can i able to change it, using run time parameter in multichain.

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Yes, of course, using the port and rpcport runtime parameters, documented here:

answered Nov 29, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for your reply. If a chain is started in docker environment, then is it possible to change the port and rpcport?
I tried with command: multichaind chain1 -default-rpc-port 4000, but rpc port is not changed.
Please look at the link in the answer posted to see the appropriate parameter names and how to use them.