Can multichain sync after disconnection from network and nodes power OFF

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i am building a sample application as proof of concept using multichain part of my studies. I have following questions:

I have a private block chain with 3 nodes (laptops) connected in a network. Because of DHCP, once i switch off and switch on the laptops, my IP changes.

Also, once i switch off the laptops and switch on again may be after 3 days or so and start multi chain application again, multichain block chain is not further syncing with each other.

Can you suggest, what can be done to resync my block chain.

Thanks in advance.
asked Apr 24, 2017 by sanu

1 Answer

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There is no problem syncing after large delays, but it sounds like your nodes are having a problem finding each other because their IP addresses have changed. So you will need to reconnect them to each other using the addnode command, and you can use getpeerinfo to verify who is connected to whom.

answered Apr 24, 2017 by MultiChain